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Care & Finishing for BROSCO Porch Posts

  • The porch post must not be cut or trimmed from the bottom. The moisture barrier seal must be left intact; any trimming must be from the top end of the porch post to maintain the warranty.
  • Store in a clean, dry area – not in damp, moist, or extremely humid environments. Wood is hygroscopic and dimensionally influenced by changes in moisture content caused by its surrounding environment.
  • Mark location of post on beam and platform. Then measure each post height from beam to platform. Cut to length minus space for Quick-Mount plastic plinth, elevated bracket or aluminum plinth on bottom of post.
  • Drill platform for Quick-Mount plinth anchoring screw. Drive screw to proper depth. Test connection before attaching to post. If using an elevated bracket or aluminum plinth, follow the manufacturer’s anchoring instructions.
  • Attach Quick-Mount plinth to post bottom, erect post, and drive into position under beam and onto plinth anchoring screw. Drill holes for attaching post to beam, then caulk before using screws to secure.
  • All surfaces must be primed and ends must be sealed with caulk.
  • Field repairs and touchups are the responsibility of the installing contractor and painter. Field touchups shall include (but are not limited to) the filling of nail or screw holes, refinishing of raw surfaces resulting from job fitting, repair of job-inflicted scratches and mars, and the final cleaning of surfaces prior to painting.
  • Surfaces to be painted must be thoroughly dry and free of dust, dirt, oil, grease, wax, chalk, and other contaminants.
  • Temperature and humidity have a major effect on drying and may affect paint film characteristics. Paint should be applied at product, surface, and air temperatures between 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit, unless the product label specifies differently. Relative humidity should be below 85%.
  • Primer is formulated to provide a high-quality base for a wide variety of commercially available topcoats with good resultant adhesion and durability. Because it is designed to accept topcoats, a primer by nature is highly filled (flat) and will chalk and break down slowly with UV exposure if not topcoated within a short time span. TWO COATS OF HIGH-QUALITY ACRYLIC PAINT MUST BE APPLIED WITHIN 30 DAYS OF INSTALLATION. Each coat of paint should be applied evenly. Make certain that the surfaces are dry before applying another coat. Again, be sure to apply paint in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.