INTEX Millwork

Custom Decorative Panels RAIL UPGRADES Take Your Railing Project to the Next Level with Fully Customized Decorative Panels! Scan to see our library of Custom Deco Panel examples! • Choose from our library of custom panels, or create your own • Available as a Square, Narrow, Double or Full Infill panel in your custom design • Available for level, stair and radius rail applications • Compatible with all INTEX Rail Systems • Custom Deco Panels for Liberty, Hampton, Providence, & Dartmouth come pre-finished and do not require paint, but can be painted with a light reflective value (LRV) of 55 or greater. Nautilus Deco Panels require paint. CUSTOM DECORATIVE PANELS FROM CONCEPT TO REALITY! INTEX's Custom Deco Panel capabilities allow you to customize your rail infill design at an affordable price-point in a short lead-time. Pricing for Custom Deco Panels is simply based on thickness, width, and height, so the design flexibility is limitless! Custom Full Infill Deco Panels (Painted) Custom Square Deco Panels Custom Full Infill Deco Panels Custom Full Infill Deco Panels SQUARE DECO PANELS PRAIRIE DIAMOND WEB AVALON NARROW DECO PANELS WILDWOOD VENTNOR STONE HARBOR DOUBLE TYPE 1 DOUBLE SQUARE WEB DOUBLE DIAMOND WEB DOUBLE DECO PANELS TYPE 3L REFLECTING 7 MILE ISLAND FULL INFILL DECO PANELS All full section renders are shown with Hampton Flat and 5" Newel Wraps with NCPYRAMID Cap and NBTR Trim Ring 19 Made in America