INTEX Millwork

STEP 1 INTEX Column Wraps Are Non-Structural STEP 2 Custom Column Widths Also Available STEP 3 Custom Column Heights Also Available Whether you want the most affordable, Knocked Down, shaft only or the preassembled system including cap and base, Easy Wrap has a solution for covering your pressure treated or cedar posts. EASY WRAPS PRICE RANGE:     INSTALLATION:     Whether you need Tapered Columns, Pedestal Bases, or Multi-Sided Columns, our Custom Column Wraps can fit any design requirements. CUSTOM COLUMN WRAPS   When only the finest will do, our Millwork Column Wraps provide a variety of sizes and panel options for the greatest of curb appeal. MILLWORK COLUMN WRAPS   For a better alternative to Fiberglass columns, use our Builder Wrap at the architectural size of your choice. BUILDER WRAPS   How to Order COLUMN WRAPS STEP 6 Select Cap & Base Style  Style H Standard (Included)  Style A  Style B 164 BC  Style C 75 BED  Style D 163 CROWN  Style E 49 CROWN  Style F WM97 CASING STEP 5 See page 43 for details Select the Panel Orientations  Panel 4 Side  Split Panel 4 Side  Line, Corner, End STEP 4 Select the Panel Detail  Flush Panel  Recessed Panel  Recessed Panel with Inlay  Raised Panel  Chamfered Select Structural Post  Works With All INTEX Columns Pressure Treated 4x4  Does Not Fit 6" Column Pressure Treated 6x6  Does Not Fit 6" or 8" Column Pressure Treated 8x8  Does Not Fit Over PT 6x6 6" Column  Does Not Fit Over PT 8x8 8" Column  10" Column  12" Column Select the Proper Width  8' Column  9' Column  10' Column  12' Column Select the Proper Height Style A Style B Style C Style D Style E Style F Style H PRICE RANGE: PRICE RANGE: PRICE RANGE: INSTALLATION: INSTALLATION: INSTALLATION: Section 04 COLUMN WRAPS 3-Side Assembed Easy Wrap Shaft Display Liberty RS60275 with Black Baluster Infill & Builder Wraps Recessed Panel Column Wraps Custom Octagonal Column Wraps with Custom Cap & Base 39 38