INTEX Millwork

 Background: Hampton Flat 10ft Span How to Order EXTRUDED RAIL KITS ALL EXTRUDED INTEX RAILS: Common Features EXTRUDED RAIL Common Upgrades for Extruded Kits Additional upgrades available for specific Extruded Rail Systems. Upgrades start on page 16. • Matte finish - 100% Cellular PVC with aluminumreinforced core • Hidden Stainless Steel fasteners • Square-edge balusters and square-edge posts • Compatible with 5” standard Newel Wrap with 6”, 8”, 10”, and 12” available as upgrades • Independent lab tested and certified with Code Compliance Research Report (CCRR) • Low maintenance and easy to clean • Multiple unique upgrades available for all INTEX Rail System to set your project apart! • Do not require paint, but can be painted with a light reflective value (LRV) of 55 or greater Radius Rail (Showing Liberty RS60275) Aluminum-Reinforced Gates (Showing Hampton Flat) Decorative Panels (Showing Dartmouth Peaked) Glass Balusters (Showing Liberty RS60275) Nothing adds distinction and definition to homes and outdoor living spaces like a stylish exterior railing. Both beautiful and functional, a deck or exterior railing can be stunningly elegant, classically simple or designed as a wrap-around porch with real curb appeal. Cellular PVC railings are a great choice for your railing system. Select a Structural Post STEP 1  Pressure Treated 4x4  INTEX Structural Post Mount  Wood Mount Hardware  Concrete Mount Hardware  Pressure Treated 6x6 STEP 2 Select a Newel Wrap Size & Style  NEWEL5-EX Fits 4 x 4 Or Structural Post Mount  NEWEL5 Fits 4 x 4 Or Structural Post Mount  NEWEL6.5 Fits 4 x 4, 6 x 6, Or Structural Post Mount STEP 6 Rail Upgrades, *Including Availability By Rail Line, Start on Page 16 Select Desired Upgrades (If Any)  Decorative Panels  Radius Bend(s)  Glass Balusters  Drink Rail  Glass Panels*  Single Gates  Double Gates  3-Line Rail*  FSC Mahogany Top Cap*  Lighted Newel Caps  Louver Infill*  Horizontal Balusters* STEP 4 Select a Rail Profile  RS35 Dartmouth Rail RS35400 RS35350 Bottom Rail RS40 Hampton Rail RS40350P RS40350F Bottom Rail  RS70 Providence Rail RS70 Bottom Rail  RS60 Liberty Rail RS60275 RS60350 Bottom Rail STEP 5 Select a Rail Height  36" Rail Height  42" Rail Height 36" 42" STEP 3 Select a Style & Size for Newel Cap + Base Trim For Upgraded Cap Styles See Page 36 Injection Molded Cap & Base Cellular PVC Caps & Bases NCFLAT  NCPYRAMID  IMPC5   NBTR  IMTR5 NCHAR5   Black, Round Aluminum Balusters* 5 4