INTEX Millwork

Custom Millwork & More ADDITIONAL CAPABILITIES Our Team Of Skilled Craftsmen Offer Limitless Custom Millwork Design Options! CUSTOM MILLWORK CAPABILITIES: • Produced to precise design specifications, fabricated to order, packaged securely so that product arrives damage free – ready for installation. • Custom replication of brackets and other architectural details allow for a more accurate restoration. • Custom lattice and panels provide a stylish sense of security. • Custom railings and balusters per architect specs give a unique, elegant look. CRAFTSMANSHIP THAT YOU CAN TRUST Architects and builders rely on INTEX’s strengths in both traditional workmanship and engineering technology to craft intricately detailed, high-quality millwork for distinctive homes and buildings. From intricate details to innovative finishing touches, INTEX PVC custom millwork is created using advanced CAD design technologies, state-of-the-art fabrication equipment and hand-crafted techniques once reserved only for wood. Historic Restorations THE ABILITY TO MATCH EXACT DETAILS & CRAFTSMANSHIP OF THE ORIGINAL MILLWORK The experienced skilled craftsmen at INTEX have the knowledge and creativity to protect and preserve your home’s architectural heritage. By using INTEX’s talent and innovative technology, intricate ornamental detailing and exquisite finishing touches can be readily created. Commercial Applications OUR ENGINEERED PRODUCTS MEET INTERNATIONAL BUILDING CODE You can count on the unsurpassed performance of INTEX’s engineered systems. Innovative technology and fine craftsmen give INTEX the ability to meet any design specification. The easy to install INTEX “system” approach will also lower your construction labor costs. Custom Circle-Top, Radius Recessed Panel Window Surround with Keystone Hampton Flat with 5" Newel Wraps & Flat Panel Column Wraps Custom Faux Window and Surround with Keystones Background Image: Hampton Peaked with Custom Full Infill Deco Panels, Flat Panel Newel Wraps, Window Surrounds, Hollow Rafter Tails, Window Boxes 65 64