INTEX Millwork

A Classic and Elegant Rail Profile with Modern Characteristics RAIL ASSEMBLY JIG Our reusable rail assembly jig is designed specifically to help reduce installation times and labor cost. The Assembly Jig makes it easier to align, center and space balusters. LONGER, CODE COMPLIANT SPANS Meets commercial requirements of International Building Code (IBC) and International Residential Code (IRC) for level spans up to 12 feet and stair spans up to 8 feet. UNIQUE DARTMOUTH RAIL FEATURES • Commercially code approved for 12’ spans with heavy-duty aluminum • Standard kits ship with solid 1 1/2" squareedge balusters Details For All Available Rail Upgrades Start On Page 16 POPULAR UPGRADES FOR DARTMOUTH: Louver Infill Radius Rail Glass Panels Horizontal Balusters RS35 Dartmouth Kits 6' Length 8' Length 10' Length 12' Length 36" Height     42" Height     Stair Application     GET AN INSTANT QUOTE! INTEXMILLWORK.COM Dartmouth RS35 EXTRUDED RAIL     PRICE RANGE:     INSTALLATION: Our Dartmouth Flat profile combines a beverage friendly rail with incredible strength, suitable for residential or commercial projects. DARTMOUTH RS35350 Reinforced Super Strength     PRICE RANGE:     INSTALLATION: Our Dartmouth Peaked profile was designed with traditional wood and historical charm in mind. Enjoy these characteristics without the rot or warp of wood! DARTMOUTH RS35400 Our Most Robust Profile 13 12 Background Image: Dartmouth Peaked 3-Line Rail with Custom Full Infill Deco Panels & 5" Newel Wraps Dartmouth Flat with Recessed Panel Newel Wraps