INTEX Millwork

Select a Structural Post STEP 1  Pressure Treated 4x4  INTEX Structural Post Mount  Pressure Treated 6x6 STEP 6  Single Gate  Double Gate  Radius Rail  Deco Panels  Glass Balusters Select Desired Gate(s) and or Upgrades (If Any) STEP 5  Square Baluster (A)  Chamfered Baluster (B)  T1 Turned Baluster (C)  T2 Turned Baluster (D)  Square Decorative Panel  Full Decorative Panel Select an Infill STEP 4 Select a Rail Profile  Nautilus RS10500  Nautilus RS50500  Nautilus RS10600  Nautilus RS20700  Nautilus RS20800 STEP 2 Select a Newel Post Wrap Size & Style  Millwork Newels Newel Wdith Should Be At Least 1" Larger Than Rail Width. See page 33 for Millwork Newel Sizes and Styles  NEWEL6.5 Fits 5" Rail or Smaller A. B. C. D.  Wood Mount Hardware  Concrete Mount Hardware All Nautilus Rail 6' Length 8' Length 10' Length 12' Length 36" Height     42" Height     Stair Application     Nautilus MILLED RAIL How to Order Nautilus Custom Milled Rail Our premier railing system built by craftsmen just like a wood rail would have been made years ago. The components are milled, assembled, hand sanded and then primed, so they are ready for the finish coat of your choice.​ NAUTILUS BALUSTERS Standard Nautilus Balusters (shown, right) are available as 1.5", 2", 2.5", 3.5" or 5" widths. Custom balusters are available at all widths and heights. • 5”, 6”, 7” and 8” standard rail widths • Custom profiles available • Spans up to 10' for IBC level application • Spans up to 8' for IBC stair application • Gooseneck available for RS50500 • Square, Chamfered, or Turned Balusters available in multiple sizes • Painting required; paint must be light reflective value (LRV) of 55 or greater NAUTILUS RS10600 Works with 3-1/2" Baluster or Smaller NAUTILUS RS20700 Works with 3-1/2" Baluster or Smaller NAUTILUS RS20800 Works with 5" Baluster or Smaller NAUTILUS RS10500 Works with 2-1/2" Baluster or Smaller NAUTILUS RS50500 Available in Gooseneck; Works with 2-1/2" Baluster or Smaller STEP 3 Select a Newel Cap Style  Non-Skirted Newel Cap Fits all flush and directional paneled newels  Skirted Newel Cap Fits all flush and panel 4-side newels GET AN INSTANT QUOTE! INTEXMILLWORK.COM 15 14 Background Image: Nautilus Custom Milled Radius Rail Profile and Custom Turned Balusters