INTEX Millwork

INSTALLATION: PRICE RANGE: Section 03 NEWEL WRAPS Our most common Newel Post, extruded as one piece and provides all the value of Cellular PVC at our lowest price point. Pairs with our most affordable cap and base trim. EXTRUDED 5" NEWELS When a standard dimension post just won’t do, we can design a post to your exact specification. CUSTOM NEWELS     When only the finest will do, our Millwork Newels provide a variety of sizes and panel options for the greatest of curb appeal. MILLWORK NEWELS   Our mid-range Newel offering provides a hand-built newel with even sharper corners and a more traditional feel. FABRICATED 5" & 6.5" NEWELS   Transition Hardware RAIL UPGRADES Adjustable by bending to the required angle, and will change the rail direction up or down. A. IN-LINE RAIL ELEVATION CHANGE, ADJUSTABLE (NOT AT A NEWEL) A. B. LEVEL RAIL DIRECTION CHANGE 45° OR 90° (NOT AT A NEWEL) Used to change rail direction within the span, while leaving the connections to the newel(s) flush. B. Liberty Hampton Providence Dartmouth Nautilus Transition Hardware      Rail Transition Hardware allows for mid-span change of direction in ways only previously acheivable in wooden railing. When every detail matter, use Rail Transition Hardware to create the perfect installation! Dartmouth Peaked with 180° Bracket for Rake to Level transition on stairs, Double Type 1 Deco Panel, Flat Panel Newels & Column Wraps Dartmouth Rail with 180° Bracket for Rake to Level Transition, & 90° Bracket for Level Rail Return to Column Liberty RS60275 Racking Stair & Level Section with 5" Newel Wraps Hampton Flat with 5" Newel Wraps Hampton Flat with Recessed Panel Newel Wrap Hampton Peaked with 6-Sided 135° Flat Panel Newel Wraps INSTALLATION: INSTALLATION: INSTALLATION: PRICE RANGE: PRICE RANGE: PRICE RANGE: GET AN INSTANT QUOTE! INTEXMILLWORK.COM 29 Made in America 28