INTEX Millwork

SELECT A STRUCTURAL POST SELECT THE PROPER WIDTH STEP 1  Pressure Treated 4x4 STEP 2 SELECT THE PANEL ORIENTATIONS STEP 5  INTEX Structural Post Mount  Pressure Treated 6x6  Panel 4 Side  6" (does not fit PT 6x6)  Line  Corner  End  8"  10"  12" Background Image: Hampton Flat with Flat Panel Newel & Column Wraps  Wood Mount Hardware  Concrete Mount Hardware How to Order MILLWORK NEWEL WRAPS ALL INTEX NEWEL & COLUMN WRAPS: Common Features NEWEL & COLUMN WRAPS • 100% Cellular PVC • Multiple panel styles available – see page 35 • Used with existing structural members or used in stand-alone non-structural applications • Split Pedestal options available • Compatible with all INTEX Rail Systems • Custom Newel and Column Wraps can be created to meet your design requirements or for historic restoration! • Do not require paint, but can be painted with a light reflective value (LRV) of 55 or greater Short Panel 4-Sides vs Line, Corner, and End Newels • Short Panel 4-Side Newels are predominantly designed for Skirted Newel Caps (top rail dies into skirt, not newel face)​ • Short Panel 4-Side can be used when the supplier doesn't know newel locations, but it is not recommended (inferior detail)​ • Skirted Newel Caps cannot be used with Line, Corner, and End Newels​ • Line, Corner, and End Newels are designed to give a full panel detail on non-rail side and flush panel face on rail side Wrapped in stylish designs, newels and columns can do double duty as both vital architectural components and dramatic visual elements. Homes adorned with columns and newels convey a feeling of timeless strength and beauty. Refer to drawings on previous page for more information SELECT A PANEL DETAIL STEP 4  Flush  Recessed  Recessed with Inlay  Raised  Chamfered See page 35 for Panel Styles Custom sizes also available SELECT THE PROPER HEIGHT STEP 3  40" (for 36" level rail)  46" (for 42" level rail)  50" (for bottom of stair) Custom heights also available SELECT THE CAP STYLE & SIZE STEP 6 Skirted Caps (For Panel 4 Side) See page 36 for Newel Cap Styles Non-Skirted Caps (For Line Corner End)  2 Tier Flat Cap with Skirt NTC-S40  Pyramid Cap with Skirt NPTC-S40  2 Tier Flat Cap NTC  Pyramid Cap NPTC 4 SIDE LINE CORNER END 31 30