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NEWELMOUNT-C POST MOUNT HARDWARE KIT FOR CONCRETE APPLICATION NEWELMOUNT-W POST MOUNT HARDWARE KIT FOR WOOD APPLICATION NEWELPOST36/42 POST MOUNT WITH GUIDES NOTE: Newel Wraps, Caps and Trim Rings are sold separately. These renders depict common Cap & Trim Ring scenarios/compatibility for Fabricated & Extruded Newel Wraps. Structural Posts NEWEL WRAPS • Structural Post System requires 2 items to complete; NEWELPOST36/42 (Structural Post)​along with one of the following: • NEWELMOUNT-W (through bolt detail) OR • NEWELMOUNT-C (lag bolt detail)​ • Includes #10 x 1-1/2" Rail Attachment Screws for proper fastening of rail to post • Works for 36" & 42" level rail height​s, and 36" stair rail heights • Includes Injection Molded Compression Shims for easy use with NEWEL5 & NEWEL5-EX​ • Salt Spray tested for coastal application​ POST-MOUNT & HARDWARE IMPC5 works with NEWEL5-EX & NEWEL5 NCFLAT5 works with NEWEL5-EX & NEWEL5 NCFLAT6.5 works with NEWEL6.5 NCPYRAMID5 works with NEWEL5-EX & NEWEL5 NCPYRAMID6.5 works with NEWEL6.5 NCHAR5 works with NEWEL5-EX & NEWEL5 NCHAR6.5 works with NEWEL6.5 Fabricated & Extruded NEWEL WRAPS Liberty Hampton Providence Dartmouth Nautilus Structural Posts      GET AN INSTANT QUOTE! INTEXMILLWORK.COM NEWEL5-EX WITH IMPC5 & IMTR5 NEWEL SHAFT ONLY NEWEL5 WITH NCFLAT5 & NBTR5 NEWEL6.5 WITH NCPYRAMID6.5 & NBTR6.5 NBTR5-EX works with NEWEL5-EX NBTR5 works with NEWEL5 NBTR6.5 works with NEWEL6.5 IMTR5 works with NEWEL5-EX & NEWEL5 GET AN INSTANT QUOTE! INTEXMILLWORK.COM 33 32