Caulk and Walk

DSI’s patent pending Caulk-N-Walk Seamless Column takes column installation to the next level with their white, paint optional column.  No more parting lines to sand or fix with body putty.  Everything you need to put up a column comes in one box…just Caulk, and walk away!

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Split Fit

DSI cracks the code on split columns with the patented Split-Fit Columns. The unique cast indexing keys make aligning the column halves a simple process, saving you valuable time and virtually eliminating the frustration of split column installation.

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Split Fit

Standard Columns

Standard Columns from DSI are now available and in stock from BROSCO.  All column designs are available as Standard, and cap & base come in the same box for most sizes.

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PVC Column Wraps

These Column Wraps from INTEX Millwork give both standard and custom design capabilities.  Create an architectural statement with timeless strength and beauty.  These low maintenance wraps will not rot, swell, split or be affected by moisture.

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Columns & Porch posts

BROSCO Porch Posts

Colonial porch posts add the beauty of a classic turned porch post with the patented protection of the Post Defense Treatment system. BROSCO Porch Posts are made of real wood turnings that are sanded, treated, primed and ready for painting.

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Plumb Perfect

DSI’s latest innovation takes a common sense approach to removing the hassles associated with installing a column. The Plumb Perfect Installation System will guide you to project completion while saving you valuable time & money. Whether it’s a single column or a group of columns, your job will be accomplished more easily than ever before.

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