Many people want their new home or remodeling project to have ‘green’ products as to minimize the environmental impact. This is clearly an easy thought but can become a difficult and confusing field to navigate when the subject of green building is introduced.

No product will make your project ‘green’ or earn various ‘green’ credits. Green Building is a concept that starts at the planning stages of the project and continues through the homes life cycle. There are many different green building certifications that can be achieved such as the National Association of Home Builders or LEED, review what will be the best for your next project.

The NAHB focuses on residential home building and how to build a home that will be able to conserve energy and natural resources to have the least possible impact on the environment. It begins in the design and planning stages of the project, the material used and the life cycle of the home. ‘Green Building’ focus’ on the complete building project and life cycle of the property not just one product or design element.

BROSCO offers numerous products that can be used to assist in achieving one of the 3 levels of NAHB Green Building certifications. Using these products alone will not earn green building certification levels but will help with gaining points toward achieving a green building certification. Consult with your local building officials for specific green building requirements.

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