BROSCO’s Frequently Asked Questions

-How do I purchase a unit that is Built By BROSCO?
As a leading distributor of quality doors, windows and millwork products in the Northeast, it is easy to locate a BROSCO dealer near you to place an order for your next building project. Please use the dealer locator in the upper right corner to find a dealer near you.

-How do I measure my existing Exterior Door Unit?
Please watch this video

-How long is the warranty on glass for BROSCO window units with seal failure?
10 years from date of purchase. Prior to 1992, it had a five-year warranty.

-How much can I trim off a wood door?
No more than 1/2″ off the top and 1-1/2″ off the bottom and no more than 1/2″ in width. Trim up to 1/4″ off each edge

-Do I have to finish the bottom of my wood door?
Yes. All surfaces – Top, bottom, edges, inside and outside must be finished or the warranty will be void. BROSCO Craftsman Prefinishing is recommended. All exterior units that are Built By BROSCO have the bottom finished before we apply the door sweep.

-Can I paint my wood door any color?
No. Dark colors are to be avoided.

-How can I stop sap from coming out of my door?
Remove all finish materials from effected areas by scraping or sanding to bare wood. Wash with mineral spirits and allow to dry. Apply two coats of white pigmented shellac and allow to dry before re-applying top coat finish.

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